The Company I Keep

With over 10 years of video production experience, I've had an opportunity to work with a variety of people - all with their own individual personalities, mannerisms, and work habits. In case you are ever interested in hiring me, here's the type of people I enjoy working with:

  • Outgoing - I enjoy working with people who are easy to talk to, both on a professional and social level.
  • Professional - I like to surround myself with others who are experienced, confident, well-versed, and those who can bring creative ideas to the table.
  • Passionate - When I'm on a video shoot, I want to be around others who share the same passion for the job that I do. I've been on shoots before where I've overheard other members of the crew grumbling about the work, or complaining about the long hours. For me, video production is fun, and I want to be around others who approach each project with a positive attitude.
  • Collaborative - I have specific opinions about how I want a scene to be lit, blocked, etc. But I respect the fact that video production is a collaborative effort. Therefore, I enjoy working with people who are willing to share their thoughts and opinions (in a respectful, encouraging manner) about how to make a video project even better.
  • Organized - I am an extremely organized person. Before a shoot, I will either storyboard my ideas, or write them down in a shot list. I like to organize each shooting day into a specific schedule, so that everyone on the crew knows what to expect. I enjoy working with others who can make every shoot more efficient.