The Missing Timelapse

Back in October, I directed a short film as part of the Sidewalk Scramble - a 48-hour filmmaking competition in Birmingham, AL. Since its completion, I have gone back to the film to re-edit portions of the ending to give the viewer a better sense of what our main character is thinking/experiencing. This weekend, I will be back in Birmingham for a quick re-shoot. I was never satisfied with the timelapse we included in the first cut. Considering the location and our time contraints, however, we had to use what we captured during that weekend. Now, I have the opportunity to re-shoot the timelapse and cut the new footage in with the rest of the film. After that, and a little audio mixing, The Missing Trail should be ready to submit to this year's Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. I'll upload a revised version to my Vimeo page once it's complete.