I Need Help With My Next Short Film Project

Before relocating to Memphis from Birmingham, I was in the process of working on my next short film project, a comedy entitled Brock in the Background. Of course, everything had to be put on hold because of the move. Now that my transition is almost complete, I am refocusing my efforts to produce the film, and I am looking for help from Memphis actors and filmmakers.

Here's the pitch: Brock in the Background is a mock-u-mentary comedic short about Chuck, a Hollywood casting manager who wrangles inflatable extras for large crowd scenes. When his best "actor," Brock, goes missing from the film set, Chuck has to find his "star" and uncover the truth behind his disappearance, all before the director shoots the climactic basketball championship scene.

My goal is to shoot on weekends only - in late June through early July. I'm currently looking for cast and crew willing to donate their time to the project.

Here's a rundown of the cast:

  • CHUCK (30s-50s) – Military type. Precise. In control. Regimented
  • KRISSY (20s-30s) – Chuck’s assistant. Organized. Dependable. Producer-like.
  • PRODUCER (20s-40s) – Male or Female. Producer for a camera crew. Reporter-like. Business-like. Eager. Professional
  • CAMERAMAN (20s-30s)
  • AUDIO TECH (20s-30s) – Male. Needs to be a little person. Gruff.
  • CLOWN (20s-40s) – Typical clown you might see at a child’s birthday party.
  • PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (teens-20s) – Male or Female

I'll also need extras who can play in the following scenes:

  • Interior of a high school locker room, following the team's big win
  • Exterior - miniature golf course
  • Film set crew member

I also need crew members to help me with the logistics of production; most importantly - locations. Since I am new to the Memphis area, I will definitely need some help in finding/securing the right locations for the shoot.

Send me an email if you are interested in getting involved. Or feel free to leave a comment here if you have any thoughts, suggestions, etc. that you think will help.