Google Reader Alternative

I don't know about you, but I enjoy reading blogs. My brother introduced me to blogging in 2005 and I thought it was a great way to stay on top of the niche subjects that interested me. I soon found Bloglines, an RSS aggregator. It was a place to collect and organize all of my blog subscriptions, so I wouldn't miss an update. Then came Google Reader and I migrated my feeds from Bloglines over to Reader. It made sense for me, since I was already using other Google services like Gmail and calendar. 

I was pretty surprised to learn that Google Reader will be discontinued this July. In looking for a suitable alternative to Google Reader, I researched several alternatives, finally landing on Feedly. Importing my blog subscriptions to Feedly was super easy. It has a great web-based interface with several options as to how the blog feeds should be displayed. There are plenty of controls for organizing your feeds and subscribing to new blogs. Feedly also has mobile apps available for your tablet or smartphone. Believe it or not, some Reader alternatives do not offer mobile apps.

If you are an avid blog reader and are looking for an alternative to Google Reader, I would suggest Feedly.