Fun With GoPro

I received a new GoPro Hero 3 for Christmas this year and I've enjoyed experimenting with it this past week. I've started a list of places I can mount the camera to get some interesting shots. I would love to purchase the chest harness and shoot footage this summer when I go water skiing. For now I have been mounting it to ceiling fans in my house, the vacuum cleaner, my kids' bicycles... anything.

One of the first things I experimented with was simply mounting it to the dashboard of my car and recording a time lapse of my commute to work. During the morning commute, I had the camera snap a picture every 10 seconds, which was too much of a gap. I didn't have enough images to create a long, smooth time lapse. On the way home that evening, I set the camera to capture a picture every 2 seconds and that worked out much better. The time lapse had much smoother motion. Here is the result: