Useful iPhone Apps

Here is a list of some very handy iPhone apps that I use on a regular basis. Hopefully you will find some helpful resources in this list. I've divided the list up into different categories.


  • Instagram
  • Snapseed - This is a free photo editor that has some great tools. After importing a photo (or taking one from within the app), you can apply several built-in filters and adjust the intensity of each. The HDR filter is particularly great. You can also manually adjust the image's brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance etc. or fine-tune specific areas of the photo by using the Selective Adjust tool. Often I will touch up my photos with Snapseed before sharing on Instagram.
  • Tilt Shift Generator - This app takes any photo and applies a blur effect, simulating a tilt shift lens look. Although apps like Instagram have a tilt shift filter built-in, I really like the effect of the Tilt Shift Generator app. In addition to the blur effect, you can adjust vignetting, contrast, and color.
  • 100 Cameras - This app allows you to layer filter after filter on each of your photos until you get exactly what you want. You can choose from a variety of filters and adjust the intensity of each. By applying different types of filters of varying intensities, you can really get some unique looks.
  • Diptic - This app allows you to create photo collages with different layout and border styles.


  • JetSet - This is an expense-tracking app. You can create different reports for tracking specific business trips. Once the trip is over, you can quickly export all of your data into an Excel spreadsheet. Expenses can quickly be categorized as mileage, hotel, meals, airfare, public transit, etc. All of these separate expense categories are built in to the app. You can snap photos of business receipts and attach them to your reports. Looking for the contact information of a particular airline or hotel? You can quickly find it from within the app.
  • Genius Scan - Turn your iPhone into a portable scanner. Take a photo of a document from within the app and it will "scan" it into a document that you can export as a PDF and send via email. Have several pages to scan? No problem. Keep adding pages to the same document. When finished, each of those pages will be compiled into a single packet.


The two apps listed below are great for bookmarking articles for later reading.


  • A friend of mine recently turned me onto Steller, a great journaling app that allows you to create separate stories for any adventure you might find yourself on. Snap photos, take videos, and add them to your story. Choose from different layout styles and insert your notes to provide context. You can also connect with other storytellers within the Steller network and follow their stories.
  • Path is an app that I use mainly as a personal journal. Much like Facebook, you can post photos, videos, and status updates (known as "Moments.") You can also check in to locations, like Yelp or Foursquare. However, Path limits you to only 150 friends, so you are only sharing with those that are closest to you. However, I keep my Path private.

Video Production

  • iSlate - This is a useful app for slating and logging shots when out on a shoot. Hold the phone in front of the camera (like you would with any slate) to mark scene and take numbers. Then after "clapping" the slate, you can make notes within the app about each take and export those notes as a shot log.
  • 8mm - A nice little app for creating a variety of old Super 8mm film looks. I've used this app on a few professional projects, including a music video I shot and edited for St. Jude.
  • Light Meter - Dial in your shutter speed and ISO, then hold the phone up to your subject, and the app will give you the proper f-stop.
  • Sun Surveyor - This app uses the phone's built-in compass to give you a 3D rendering of the sun's path throughout the day. It will also give you the exact sunrise and sunset times.
  • GoPro - I use this app to connect via WiFi with my Hero3. It allows me to control every setting on the camera, start and stop recording, and also monitor the shot during recording.

Feel free to add your list of favorite apps in the comments section below.