A Special Mother's Day Surprise From The Kids Of St. Jude

For Mother's Day, St. Jude wanted to produce a video to celebrate moms everywhere and then use the video specifically for social media. Our goal for the video was to create an authentic piece, with genuine, heartfelt reactions from each mom that we featured.

So, we set up three GoPro cameras in our studio lobby before each family arrived. When the patient and his/her mom walked in, we asked each mom to wait in the lobby while the patient came into the studio for a video shoot. What the moms didn't know was that their child would be creating a hand-made card and delivering an on-camera message via closed circuit television. While our master camera rolled in our studio, the GoPros captured the reactions from each of our moms. 

Watch the final video below, then share your own Mother's Day message to social media with the hashtag #StJudeMom. I would also encourage you to visit St. Jude Friends, where you can donate to St. Jude by purchasing special Mother's Day cards and other gifts.