The Liberty Bowl-St. Jude Promotional Video

The Liberty Bowl and its title sponsor, AutoZone, have been supporters of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for several years. To commemorate The Liberty Bowl and their ongoing partnership with St. Jude, our video team produces a 3-minute piece that airs during the game. I directed and edited the 2016 edition. You can watch an excerpt below.

Ultimately, this particular version didn't air, but I wanted to include it on my reel because I was pleased with how the visual treatment looked. The idea was to create graphical elements that represent an actual football. I created a master background with a leather texture and added a series of dashed and solid lines to represent the stitching of a ball and divide the two video elements on screen. I used an After Effects Camera layer to create the moves within each of the pre-compositions. It's minimal in its style, but I think it creates the right amount of pop without being too heavy-handed. 

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of how I built this template, leave a message in the Comments section below.