Casting Call for a New Short Film

Auditions for my next short film project, Final Hit, will be held on February 11 from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Indie Acting Studio in Bartlett.


A low level hit man for an underground criminal organization is given an assignment by his boss to prove his worth.


RYAN – Male – 30s

Ryan is quiet and mysterious, but tough. He’s economical with his words, only speaking when he has to. He wavers between moments of intense focus and moments when he seems distant and oblivious to the world around him.

DEAN – Male – 50s-60s

Dean is a rough-around-the-edges life-long criminal who’s never climbed higher than a mid-level guy in the criminal underworld. He’s calm under pressure, but barks order whenever necessary, just to keep his people in line. He’s fearful of the guys above him, though, and aims to please. He wants to look good in front of the higher-ups. He’s street smart, knows how the game works, and has done a lot of bad thing in his life. He’s deceptively dangerous.

Supporting Cast

  • YOUNG DEAN (Male, mid 20s – mid 30s)
  • VICTIM (Male, 20s-30s)
  • THE TARGET (Male – 40s)
  • NICK (Boy, 5-7 YEARS OLD)
  • MARIA (Girl, 9-12 YEARS OLD)

 Be sure to bring a headshot and resume with you when you come to the auditions. 

Final Hit will shoot over the course of two weekends in March 2016.

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