6 Tips That Will Help You Land That Video Production Job

When you apply for a job in the video production industry, you can certainly try this guy's approach, but I wouldn't advise it. As you gear up for that all-important application process, keep these things in mind and you will no doubt have a better chance of landing that full time position.


This is rule #1. Most of the time a potential employer won't even consider you if you haven't attached a link to a demo reel. In video production, having an online reel is probably more important than having a standard, typed resume.


In today's market, a video production professional has to wear many hats. No doubt you have too. But for the purposes of applying and interviewing for a job, you need to focus on what you do best. Sure, you may have experience as a director, cinematographer, editor, grip, graphic artist, animator, motion designer, audio technician, VFX, writer, and producer, but you need to center in on your strengths and emphasize those on your reel, website, business cards, etc.


There are plenty of online articles about the importance of cultivating and maintaining a personal brand and I think you should start working on your brand before you start the application process. Make sure you present yourself consistently across all channels (social media, personal website, business cards, etc.). Use the same verbiage, the same headshot, the same banner images. Give potential employers a specific picture of your identity, your skills, and your goals.


Once you've made it into your interview, be prepared to discuss the different projects you featured on your reel. Refresh yourself on each case study. Who was the project for? What were the objectives? What style/tone were you going for? What inspired you? What were the results? A potential employer may ask you why you made certain creative decisions. "I thought it would look cool" might not be the best response. 


You need to have a strong, clear career goals. You will need to tell your potential employer what you hope to achieve through your employment with them.


People looking for a job, whether full time or freelance, should know what they're worth. Do the math before the interview. Know exactly what your salary needs to be in order to make ends meet. Be honest about it during the interview. Your potential employer will be sizing you up from the moment you walk in and will quickly be able to tell if you would be willing to work for less. He/She might give you a low-ball offer if they think you will jump at the chance. So be confident, but not arrogant. Be clear about your financial needs, but not greedy.

Do you have any advice for those entering the film/video production industry? Leave your tips in the Comments section.