Casting Call For Short Film 'Hangry'


Right now I’m in pre-production on a new short film that I’ll be directing for The Memphis Film Prize. Hangry is a comedy about one elderly man’s attempt to right a lunchtime wrong. The shoot is scheduled for May 4-5 in Collierville, TN. In addition to an actor to play the main role of The Reverend, I will need extras to portray staff and residents of the nursing home location. If you would like to participate, please use the sign up link below or send an email to

Recommended App for Film Scheduling

Image courtesy of  IndieWhip

Image courtesy of IndieWhip

I'm currently in pre-production on my next short film project Big and TallWe are scheduled to shoot later this month and I just finished the shot list and production schedule using the ShotLister app.

I don't know how many of you currently use, or have used this app, but I encourage you to take a look you haven't had the chance yet. I found it incredibly easy to use.

From the welcome screen, you can create a new project.

Once the project is created, you can start adding scenes, specifying the location, whether the scene is interior or exterior, the page of the script on which the scene takes place, how long the scene is, and which cast members are needed.

After the scene is created, you can then add specific shots within each scene, specifying which camera will be used (on a multicam shoot), the focal length, the gear needed (sticks, steadicam, dolly, etc.), which lens will be used, and any other notes you need to add.

When you are finished adding your shots, you can arrange them for your shooting day. Just tap and hold on each shot and drag it to reorder it.

Once all of your shots are ordered, tab over to the Shoot Day section and start adding individual scenes into your shooting day.

You can then specify how long each shot will take, add in time for set-ups, lunch, company moves, etc. You can also set your call time, sunrise/sunset times, and your wrap time. 

When you have added all your scenes into the shooting day, ShotLister will automatically tally the number of pages, shots, and camera setups you have scheduled for the day.

ShotLister is available for iOS and Android and costs $13.99. You can also purchase a Pro membership, which unlocks additional features, like the ability to import storyboards to your shot list.

What has your experience with ShotLister been like? Do you have any other app recommendations for filmmakers? Leave your thoughts in the Comments section.

Coming Soon

I'm currently in pre-production on a new short film project called Big and Tall, about a young girl named Molly who believes in the existence of a mythological creature that supposedly lives in the woods near her house. So, she recruits her friend Devon and the two set off into the woods to find the proof no one has been able to find.

Big and Tall is light-hearted, fun, and adventurous, and centers on themes of family, friendship, and a commitment to one's beliefs, even with faced with uncertainty. I really believe that the story captures the spirit of imagination and the longing for adventure so many young people have, and I'm excited to start production.

In the coming days, I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark, in an effort to raise the funds necessary to offset my production costs. Please consider contributing to show your support for independent filmmakers. However, if you can't contribute, don't worry. There are two things you can do instead:

  1. Share the campaign with your contacts and tell them about our project and ask them if they will consider contributing.
  2. Sign up for a free Seed & Spark account and simply Follow our campaign. If the campaign reaches 500 followers, Seed & Spark will provide me with a filmmaker "goodie bag" with tools and resources that can help me through production and post-production.

The crowdfunding site has been built and has been submitted to Seed & Spark for approval. I will write a new post once it launches and will include a link to the campaign site. 

In the meantime, enjoy the crowdfunding pitch video below. Then follow Big and Tall on Twitter and Like the Facebook page.

New Short Film Slated for 2017

Last year I wrote and directed Final Hita short film about a low-level member of the mob who takes an assignment to prove his worth and loyalty to the organization. That film went on to screen with nine other finalists in the 2016 Memphis Film Prize.

Currently I'm in pre-production on Big and Tall, a new short film about Molly, an intelligent and determined young girl who sets off into the woods with her best friend to find proof that a mythological creature actually exists. Big and Tall is a fun adventure story that centers on themes of family, friendship, and a commitment to one's beliefs in the face of doubt.

An extremely talented and experienced cast and crew have already committed to the project, but we will need your help to make this film happen. In the coming weeks I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark to raise the money we need to offset our production costs. For those that choose to support us, we have some great perks in store for you, like movie posters, production photo books, t-shirts, even tickets to our festival premiere.

I will post more info in the coming days about the official launch date for our campaign. For now, help me spread the word about the film by sharing this info with your contacts, and consider supporting us when the time comes. 

Connect with Big and Tall on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on the project.