Never-Before-Seen Footage

In the fall of 2011, I was hired by Hodges & Associates to direct a video shoot for one of their clients - AirMed International. AirMed provides members with emergency medical transportation services worldwide.

The shoot took place on one day at the Birmingham airport and had two objectives: 1) capture beauty shots of the airplanes, and 2) re-enact an emergency medical evacuation. 

The shoot went extremely well and I was pleased with the footage we captured. We shot with two cameras throughout the day. The first was on a jib. The second was either hand-held, on a tripod, or on a dolly. We used hand-held shots for all of the plane interiors, when we re-enacted in-flight medical treatments with the crew.

However, I don't think any of the footage was ever used. I revisited the project this past week and decided to edit together a quick sampling of the footage and post it online.