Meet St. Jude Patient Logan

In directing and editing Logan's patient story, the Producer and I faced one major challenge: How do you tell a compelling story about a patient without any b-roll of the patient himself, or any interviews with his family?

To solve this issue, the Producer contacted Logan's family to see if there was anyone on the St. Jude staff he was particularly fond of. His mom immediately mentioned Logan's school teacher and his Child Life Specialist. 

We interviewed both for this story and they talked about their time with Logan. They also made broader points about the St. Jude mission and how there are many St. Jude staff members that are all working together to treat the whole child and the child's family.

With that thought in mind, we created a puzzle metaphor. A cancer diagnosis shatters a family's world and all that family wants is to be whole again. That's the goal that motivates everyone at St. Jude.