Pictures from NAB 2014

The NAB trade show floor is truly overwhelming. There is an incredible amount to see and it's impossible to take it all in. The best advice I can give is to plan in advance those exhibitors you need to see. As you walk the floor, don't get distracted by everything else around you, but stay on task and visit first those exhibitors that you designate as priority. Once you have checked those booths off your list, then you can casually browse other exhibits and walk up to any of those that pique your curiosity.

I saw some pretty amazing things on the NAB show floor, and here are a few of my general observations:

-Camera support rigs were everywhere.

A DSLR camera rig from Arri

A DSLR camera rig from Arri

-Camera movement and stabilization rigs were popular. Freefly was showing off the new M5, a follow-up to the revolutionary M10, at a third of the price.

The MoVI M5 from Freefly Systems

The MoVI M5 from Freefly Systems

-LED lighting for production has become the norm, whether broadlights or fresnals. 

-Plasma lighting technology for video production is making a strong push. 

-Manufacturers are already looking beyond 6K to 8K acquisition.

-Sony introduced the a7, a full frame sensor 4K camera with a size similar to DSLRs.

-Panasonic introduced the PX270, an upgrade from the HPX 270. The PX270 will shoot to both standard sized P2 and also to the new Micro P2 - a card that is the same size as an SD card.


-Avid answers Adobe's Creative Cloud service with their own Everywhere platform.

-Canon presented the EOS 1D C Hybrid, a truly remarkable camera that will shoot both 4K images and HD images to CF cards. Canon conducted test shoots with the camera on the show floor and pulled frame grabs straight off the 4K video and it was the sharpest video still frame I have ever seen.

There was definitely a lot to see and a lot of people to talk to on the NAB show floor. This post was simply designed to give a very brief overview of what I saw and the impressions this year's show had on me.