Weekend Reading: How To Light A Commercial


Several weeks ago I started publishing an e-newsletter using TinyLetter. Each issue is a digest of the most interesting articles I've comes across throughout the week. I thought I would start sharing one of those articles here for your weekend reading. Hopefully these articles will help you to learn something new about video/film production & post and will provide you with some inspiration for future projects. I'd like to encourage you to click the Newsletter tab at the top of the page to have these articles delivered directly to your inbox every Friday. Until then, enjoy this article from PremiumBeat.com: 

The industry has always evolved by those further ahead teaching those just starting out. There used to be the time and money for apprenticeships, and to a certain extent they still happen, but more and more online resources can teach you what a real life apprenticeship might. On his training site, WanderingDP.com, Director of Photography Patrick O’Sullivan shares a treasure trove of information. 

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