Four Considerations To Make Before Shooting That Corporate Video


I understand that with almost every corporate video production, the client and producer must strike a balance between scheduling enough time for adequate coverage while staying within budget. Although consolidating certain aspects of the production (i.e. the number of locations, the number of people appearing on camera, etc.) can help improve efficiency, taking it to an extreme can compromise the final video.

For example, the production budget can be reduced by blocking off one half-day rather than one full day to shoot everything on the shot list, but dong so isn’t always the best choice. The shot list may look short when you see it on paper, but don't underestimate the time it takes to capture each shot. You have several factors to consider when budgeting and scheduling your next corporate video gig.

  • Set-up. Shoot. Reset. To get proper coverage, you definitely want to capture the same scene from different angles. Resetting the camera and the lights will take time and eat into your day.
  • Down time. When working on a corporate video, often you are working with actual employees of the company. What if something pops up on their schedule that they have to deal with right away? You may be set and ready to shoot their interview or stand-up, but have to wait. Last second changes will happen.
  • Multiple takes. Even the best actors require multiple takes to get everything just right. Don't assume the company rep has all of his/her talking points ready to go.
  • Revisions. When working from a script written by your client's marketing team, there may be some re-writing happening while on set. Sometimes the script just doesn't sound quite right when being read out loud. Sometimes the marketing team will need to revise certain facts/stats. I once waited by the camera in a studio while my client and his assistant spent an hour re-writing the script. There was nothing to do but wait.

And if you only budgeted for a single, half-day shoot, you may find yourself out of time before you can even capture all the footage you need. Carefully consider everything that's involved in your next corporate video job and go ahead and budget for that full day, even if you think you can capture everything in a half-day.

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