Why Cinematographers Should Be Using Pinterest

Image courtesy of  startbloggingonline.com

Image courtesy of startbloggingonline.com

We are inundated with content every moment of every day. It's important to have a system in place where you can collate, organize, archive, and retrieve that information with ease. Like other cinematographers, I come across compositions, color schemes, lighting setups, etc. regularly and I want to collect all of those inspirational images for later reference. Every shooter has his/her method for organizing look books and mood boards, but I really think Pinterest is an excellent way to keep all of these reference shots organized.

Since Pinterest allows you to create different boards for different interests, you can set up one board for compositions, another for lighting setups, and yet another for color palettes. Right now if you go to my Pinterest profile, you will see the following boards:

  • Blue Color Palettes
  • Compositions
  • Warm Color Palettes
  • Low-Key Lighting
  • Color Theory

I'm still in the process of adding more content, based on my current projects, but so far I've found Pinterest to be extremely convenient for organizing and accessing reference material.

What tools do you use for collecting inspirational images? Leave your tips in the Comments section.