The New Panasonic EVA-1 Is Here


Back in the summer, I posted a tweet when Panasonic introduced the new S35 EVA-1 at Cine Gear Expo, a sub $10K 5.7K camera designed to rival cameras like the FS7 and C200:

There were high hopes for this camera at the time of the announcement, with No Film School claiming that it could be the "ultimate indie cinema camera." Philip Bloom also anticipated good things to come with this camera when he wrote about it on his blog.

Now that the EVA1 is finally here, reviews, first impressions, and videos featuring EVA1 test footage are coming in. Here are some of the initial reactions.

The initial feedback seems to be positive, but shooters will need more real-world experience with the camera before a final conclusion can be drawn about its performance. After all, the AF-100 seemed promising, but never really lived up to its potential (partly due to the timing of its release, the shifting tastes among shooters, and the lack of a full frame sensor).