Woman Writes On Blind Man's Sign

While in college I read Luke Sullivan's book Hey Whipple, Squeeze Thisa book about creating great ads. The beginning of Chapter Two featured this image, explaining the difference between sales and marketing:


At that moment I realized that it wasn't enough to tell a story. To be truly effective, you had to find the right angle for your story. You had to choose the right words with the right perspective. Look at the picture from Sullivan's book. Both are saying the same thing, but which one do you think is more effective?

Fast forward to 2013. A few months back, I came across the following video, that essentially hammers home the same message. A truly effective story is one that takes a core message and finds a compelling angle through which to tell that story; an angle that forces people to take notice. That's the challenge we face each day as marketers and storytellers. There are a lot of brands out there communicating similar messages. How will you change your words to make sure your message gains the traction it needs to succeed?