How To Make Clients More Comfortable On Set

For cinematographers, shooting with an S-Log (if you're with Sony) or C-Log (if you're with Canon) Gamma Curve is advantageous because you preserve more dynamic range within your image. Details at both ends of the spectrum can be preserved, if the shot is captured at the correct exposure.

However, shooting in a Log format also means the raw image will look flat and desaturated. Your clients, who are accustomed to seeing a more natural-looking image, might be a bit worried when they see flat, gray footage staring back at them from the monitor.

Cameras like the Sony FS7 will allow you to send a Rec709 LUT out from your SDI ports and to a monitor, ensuring that the clients who are on set will see an image with more contrast and saturation. Here's how to set it up on the FS7:

  • Open the camera's menu by pressing the Menu button on the side of the camera.
  • Use the scroll wheel and select Video.
  • Scroll to the Monitor LUT option.
  • Make sure the LUT is Off for Internal Recording (so that your raw footage is captured to the card with the Log Gamma Curve).
  • Turn the LUT On for SDI2.
  • Connect your client monitor via BNC cable to the camera's SDI2 output.

Now your clients will see a natural-looking image on the external monitor while the card records the Log footage.

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