How To Start Editing Your Video Faster

Photo courtesy of  Andrew Welch

Photo courtesy of Andrew Welch

Here's a time-saver tip that will help you get started with your video edits faster. On the root directory of your hard drive, create a folder and call it "_Project Template." Use the underscore so the folder stays at the top of the list. In the "_Project Template" folder, keep all the subfolders you will use during the edit. Highlight them and then copy and paste the entire subfolder directory to the place on your hard drive where your project will live. Now, you are ready to populate each folder with all of the assets you will need during the edit, and you don't have to spend the time to create each folder and its subfolders manually.

Here is how my "_Project Template" folder looks:  

Click here for a complete description of my project template folders and subfolders and which assets go where.

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