Come to Memphis, Shoot a Film, Win Cash

The inaugural Memphis Film Prize will launch February 18, 2016. Founded in conjunction with the Louisiana Film Prize, the Memphis Film Prize is open to anyone, as long as the project is shot within the Shelby County limits.

The goal is to encourage collaboration between Memphis filmmakers, highlight all that the city can offer to filmmakers, and cultivate a talented local crew who can assist out-of-state producers and directors. Plus, the winner of the Memphis Film Prize will win $10,000 cash and will automatically be entered into the Louisiana Film Prize with a chance of winning $50,000 more.

Here is some additional information from the Memphis Film Prize literature:

How Does It Work?

After you register and check in at you can start filming. You will turn in a rough cut of your film by June 12, 2016. Ten films will be selected based on their rough cut to compete in a film festival in September, where a panel of expert judges AND the audience will vote for their favorite short. The winner will then be crowned the victor of the Memphis Film Prize and gets $10,000 cash.

Didn't You Say Something About a $50,000 Cash Prize?

Why yes, we did! You see, the Memphis Film Prize is the first cousin of the Louisiana Film Prize - an acclaimed indie short film competition held in Shreveport, LA. The winner of the Memphis Film Prize will automatically qualify and compete with 19 other shorts from filmmakers around the county. The winner of the Louisiana Film Prize wins a grand prize of $50,000 cash. So you could win a total of $60,000 - the largest prize for a short film in the world!

The Rules

  • Your short film can be no shorter than 5 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes, including credits, and credits can be no longer than 30 seconds.

  • Your film MUST be produced in Shelby County, TN. You will be required to document your shoot.

  • No documentary or animation

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