A Brand's Greatest Currency

One of the things I love about video is the way that it can engage an audience. Video consists of images, words, text, music, and motion pictures, all wrapped into one presentation. When executed just right, it captivates like no other medium. And motivating an audience to slow down, spend time with you, and listen to your message will help to create a network of enthusiastic customers, eager to support your brand.

In today’s climate of quick-scrolling smartphone users, time is the greatest currency you can have. Consumers have access to so much information information, so brands need ways to encourage those consumers to slow down and pay attention. Because customers want to do their research. They want to get to know a brand. They want to have conversations. They want a forum in which to discuss their needs. And video can create that level of engagement by generating discussion and conversation.

Consider this evolution:

• The more you can engage potential customers/clients, the more they will talk about you.

• The more they talk about you, the more your company’s name will spread.

• The more positive things people hear, the more they will be inclined to spend time with you.

• And the more time they spend with you, the more they will be inclined to buy from you.

It’s one thing to sell to a customer once or twice, but you want more than that. If you can capture a customer’s time, you will eventually create a following. And that group will become your greatest advocates. They will support you. They will bring others to you. They will sell your products and services for you. That’s what time can do. And video is a great way to get started.