New Short Film


This past weekend I participated in the Sidewalk Scramble, a filmmaking competition here in Birmingham, during which, teams have only 48 hours to complete a four-minute film from start to finish. The event kicked off at a local theatre. Each team was given a genre and one inspiration item. The prop was to be incorporated somewhere in the film. Then, we were let loose to go write, shoot, and edit.

I began organizing my team several weeks ago, but it was slow-going. Many of my production contacts were already committed to paying jobs on the same weekend (can't blame them for taking the paying work). However, that presented a great opportunity for me to meet some new people who are also passionate about filmmaking.

The assigned genre for our team was "Sports Film." Our inspiration item was a hamburger in a plastic bag. We selected hunting as our sport and were able to shoot the entire film on an undeveloped piece of land owned by one of our team members. Titled "The Missing Trail" our film centers on a single decision that is made during a weekend hunting trip that leads to some serious consequences.

The Scramble screening will be held October 18 at 7PM at the Edge 12 Theatre on Crestwood Blvd.